The series "The Armorial of Belarusian Nobility" ("Гербоўнік беларускай шляхты") has been published since 1996, its volumes are being prepared in collaboration with the National Historical Archives of Belarus Republic. In addition, the following publications were used too: "The Armorial of Viciebsk Governorate Nobility", "The Armorial of Vorša Nobility" (also "The Armorial of Orša"), "The Small Armorial of Rahačoŭ Nobility". Based on these publications I have systematized the information about Belarusian gentry and titled nobles coats of arms and their bearers which I am happy to present to you here.

In addition to the gallery, we have posted coats of arms based on information derived from the book series titled «Nobility of Great Duchy of Litva»: «Mahiloŭ Governorate Nobility. The Lineages» (in Polish) and «Viciebsk Governorate Nobility. The Lineages» (in Polish) (in two volumes) by Aleksandr Zalivako.

The images of the shields have been reconstructed on the basis of the drawings published in the volumes of series and adapted according to current heraldry standards. Some of the Arms images are published on the Internet for the first time.

General notes:

  • The coats of arms are sorted alphabetically. For your convenience, to ease further detailed searching the alphabetical list is divided into roughly equal groups small enough to fit a page.
  • A coat of arms title is written above of an image in Polish spelling. Alternative title of a same one used in the volumes are given in parentheses.
  • In case of discrepancies between a depiction of a particular coat of arms and its classic version, there is a note "(alt.)" [altered] after its title.
  • To ease navigation, there is a specified alphanumeric source code to every bearer's family name: a letter (A, B, W & etc.) refers to the corresponding volume of "The Armorial of Belarusian Nobility" edition, or "AV" letter abbreviation refers to "The Armorial of Viciebsk Governorate Nobility", "AO" one refers to "The Armorial of Orša", "AR" one refers to "The Small Armorial of Rahačoŭ Nobility" or "ZM" one refers to "Mahiloŭ Governorate Nobility", "ZW[volume 1 or 2]" one refers to "Viciebsk Governorate Nobility"; a numeral indicates index number of the article (or list number) dedicated to that family in corresponding source.
  • The bearers' names are written in Polish spelling *.
  • * Since 1696 the public records keeping in Litva was conducted in Polish. So in the late 19th early 20th centuries there was Polish spelling used in Russian Empire to write down the family name issuing emigration documents as its natural romanized version.

    Coats of Arms of Greatlitvan Nobility

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