Unknown shield clan


The LYCZKOWSKIS from Viciebsk

Kazimierz, łoŭčy (see dictionary) of Vorsa (Vorša/Orša), participated in Sojmik (regional parliamental assembly) in Viciebsk in 1722. (Ist. Jur. Mat. XXVII)

Placyda, at the time the wife of Michal Matuszewicz, son of miensk čašnik (see dictionary).

Jozefat and Szymon with the Viciebsk voivodship supported in 1733 the election of Stanislaw Leszczynski, whilst Kazimierz Dominik spoke in favour of August III. (Roczn. Tow. Her I; Obl. Gr. Warsz. 49 f.609)

Adam Boniecki i Artur Reiski. Herbarz Polski.

N., łoŭčy of Vorsa in 1710, married to Anna Jakucewicz, had the son Stanislaw. In 1733 Jozefat and Szymon signed the election with Viciebsk voievodship. (Conv. Vars., Metr. Kor., Zap. i Wyr. Tryb. Lubel. Vol. Leg.)

Seweryn H. Uruski. Rodzina. Herbarz szlachty polskiej.

LYCZKOWSKI Michal, son of Vincent

The building of Miensk postal-telegraph office on Gubernatarskaja (Governor) str. The end of 19th century.

Chief of Miensk postal-telegraph office. Statskiy Sovetnik (State Councellor), decorated with order of St.Vladimir 4th level, that gave him and his son Fiodar (Theodor) a right to obtain the Russian rank of nobility in the Miensk NDA based on Part 3 of NGA (read here). Confirmed by the Russian Senate Heraldry Department Order #6803 dated back to November 25, 1892. It's still possible that they belonged to one of "non-confirmed" branch of the Sulima Shield clan.

The Lyczkowskis' Files of Miensk NDA. The National Historical Archive of Belarus.
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