Pomian Shield clan

Pomian Coat of Arms

The LYCZKOWSKIS of the Pomian Arms

from Lyczkowce (Łyczkowce) or Liczkowce, in Trembowla region, often called the Liczkowskis. Stanislaw of Lyczkowce, ziemianin of Trembowla, affixed his seal with the Pomian to the deed, signed in 1427 by ziemianins and landlords of Trembowla. (Not. Zamoysk. 717)

In 1470 Piotr Lyczkowski, with consent of his wife Malgorzata Jabloniewska, daughter of Mikolaj, sold his half of the Lyczkowcy property to Jan Skorczycki [from Skorczycy - J.L. remark] for 250 grivnas, and gave that money to Stanislaw from Chodcza for the mortgage of Janczyn and Kalusz (Kałusz). Later in 1475 redeemed that half [of Lyczkowcy estate - J.L. remark] from the Skorczycki family and gave it to his son Stanislaw, who, in his turn, mortgaged it again to Jan Sieciech from Hrodnica in 1485. Later on the Sieciech family bought [entire - J.L. remark] estate of Lyczkowcy, and written "de Lyczkowce" (from Lyczkowce). (AGZ. XII i XIX)

Zegota, from another clan, inherited the land on the part of that village in 1427. (Not. Zamoysk. 707)

Adam Boniecki i Artur Reiski. Herbarz Polski.
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