Trzaska Shield clan

Trzaska Coat of Arms

The LYCZKOWSKIS of Trzaska Shield

from Lyczki (Łyczki) in Ciechanow region. Pawel, son of Sulislaw from Lyczki, an archdeacon of Wloclawek (Włocławek) (1476), a canon of Plock (Płock) (1485), and an archdeacon of Pultusk (Pułtusk) (1490), along with Tomasz LYCZKOWSKI was a co-hier of Pogasty (Pogąsty) and others. In 1478 prince Jan Mazowiecki confirmed his privileges, given in 1404 to the clan of Lubiewa or Trzaska by prince Ziemowit. (W. Semkowicz Mazow. Przyw.)

Jakob LYCZKOWSKI from Naborowo, brother of ksiez (Roman Catholic priest - J.L.) Pawel, starosta (see dictionary) of Zakroczymy (1478-1480), čašnik (see dictionary) of Zakroczymy (1494). Married to Katarzyna Kinicka (1480). In 1479 bought a part of Dlutow (Dłutow) from Pawel, Adam and Sassin Dlutowski. Made a testament on February 20, 1494, that his widow Katarzyna attached to the official document made by the church of Plock in 1509. In that testament he appointed his elder brother, Catholic priest archdeacon Pawel, as executor of his will, increased his donations to the church in Kamienica, made other charitable arrangements, confirmed oprawa* for his wife, and left dowry of 305 dukats to his daughters left on Januszewo, 20 florins with Jan Lasocki and 30 florins with Irzyk from Krempicy, to sons Pawel, the eldest, and Jan left Mochty and some of armory staff and horses, to his wife left Dlutow, Naborowo, Naborowiec and part of Zdunow with all thier personalty and realty to make a living for herself and to keep younger sons, including student Mikolaj, and to finance their education. He also mentioned his colleagues and friends.

Stanislaw Trzaska and Wojciech Kosciesza from Lyczki were sentenced in 1478 to provide 2 krenga's of vax to the Catholic church in Plock. Stanislaw Kosciesza and Piotr from Lyczki testified in court while listenig of a case the Szczawinskis vs. church of Plock in 1508. Mikolaj, a canon of Plock (1490-1505). (Pom. Dz. W. Śr. XVIII 125, 180, 266 i 294; M. 9 f. 122)

Katarzyna, a widow of Jan Zygmunt Staniszewski, a judge of Warszaw in 1791. (Deb. Czers. 2 f.113)

* - husband's property allowence to a wife, equal to her doubled dowry.
Adam Boniecki i Artur Reiski. Herbarz Polski.

LYCZKOWSKI of Trzaska Shield

Written de Lyczki ("from Lyczki"), in Ciechanow region. Jakob married to Katarzyna Kinicka in 1480. Walenty, son of Jan, in 1557. Marcin bought estate Demeszkowce in 1604. Stanislaw, son of Mark, in 1606. Maciej married to Zofia Zakrzewska, and Stanislaw - to Jadwiga Mogilnicka, in 1651. Wojciech had the daughter Magdalena in 1666.

Seweryn H. Uruski. Rodzina. Herbarz szlachty polskiej.
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