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LYCZKOWSKI Маxim son of Pilip

DOB: 1915
Nty: Belarusian
B.P.: Chvatauka hamlet, Barysau uyezd, Мiensk gubernya, Russian Empire [At present: Bialynicy district, Мahileu voblasc, Belarus - J.L.]
Place of residence: Vladivostok, RSFSR (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic)
Education: higher [1], incomplete higher [2]
Activities: before the first аrrest - serviceman, hydroacoustic engineer, military unit 40092 of the Pacific Navy [1]; engineer of energy train [2].
Arrested: November 5, 1952, Vladivostok
Convicted: January 29, 1953
Indicted: art. 58 parts 1 and 2, RSFSR CC ("counter-revolutionary agitation and propaganda"). For "posting anti-Soviet notes on the buildings of Kiev Municipal Soviet, construction administration and others." [1].
Verdict: 10 yrs in corrective labour colony/concentration camp (GULAG); property confiscation.
Rehabilitated: 25/06/1954 - Supreme Court of USSR
Discharged: August 06, 1954

Place of residence: Barnaul r/w station, Аltay krai, RSFSR
Arrested: September 05, 1957
Convicted: December 14, 1957 - Altay Krai Court
Indicted: art. 58, RSFSR CC. On the August 1957 (during the party conference) praised multiple-party system in Poland; colled Khrushchov a parvenu and impostor, censured the Resolution “About anti-party group”; told the political anecdotes and saved their notes [2].
Verdict: 10 yrs in GULAG & 5-yrs disfranchisement subsequent to discharged;
on August 22, 1960 punishment term was decreased up to 5 yrs by the Supreme Court of RSFSR;
on June 07, 1962 a part 1 of art. 58-10 was excluded from verdict dated back to January 29, 1953 by the resolution of USSR Supreme Court plenary session.
Discharged: September 09, 1962
Rehabilitated: 17/06/1965
Reason: corpus delicti absence - Supreme Court of USSR
Further fate unknown. [Lived and worked in Krym. Buried there (?) - J.L.]

1. Archive of Mahileu KGB Administration, RB. Personal File L. ? 8315-sn (photo inside)
2. State Archive of Russian Federation: res. 8131, inv. 31, f. 91320; res. 9474, inv. 41, f. 3289
3. Memorial Book of Altay krai
4. Belarusian "Memorial"
5. SIEC "Memorial", Moscow


LYCZKOWSKI Janina da. of Wladyslaw

DOB: 1914
Nty: Pole*
B.P.: Poland**
Place of residence: Mikаlajevka hamlet
Education: unknown
Activities: collective farm (kolkhoz) member
Arrested: March 31, 1945
Convicted: July 17, 1945 - Kuibyshev Oblast (province) Court
Indicted: art.58-10, RSFSR CC
Verdict: 5 yrs in GULAG
Rehabilitated: July 1992 - Public Prosecutor Office Samara oblast
Reason: -

Source: Memorial Book of Samara oblast


LYCZKOWSKI Janina da. of Wladyslaw

DOB: 1910
Nty: Pole*

# Stages Date:
Country Province Locality
1. Arrested - - 1940 Belarus Mahilou  

1. List of cases initiated by NKVD bodies in Western Ukraine and Belarus (excerpt from Archive Registration Book of investigation records of NKVD of the USSR), copy. Ministry of Justice of RP and Centre "KARTA" - volume, page, position. ZUB-/388/279/12


LYCZKOWSKI Paval son of Bazyl

DOB: 1911
Nty: Belarusian
B.P.: Prudcy farm, Ihumien uyezd, Minsk gubernya, Russian Empire
Place of residence: Prudcy farm, Cervien district, Miensk voblasc, BSSR
Education: illiterate
Activities: individual peasant-farmer
Arrested: September 05, 1930
Convicted: October 26, 1930 - three-man commission ("troyka")
Indicted: art. 72, BSSR CC - ASAg (anti-Soviet agitation)
Verdict: exile
Rehabilitated: 10/29/1989 - Public Prosecutor Office of Belarus Republic
Reason: -

Source: Belarusian "Memorial"


LYCZKOWSKI Vladymir son of Lazar

DOB: 1910
Nty: Russian*
B.P.: Shyrokovo hamlet, [Nizhnyeudinsk uyezd, Irkutsk gubernya - J.L.] , Russian Empire
Place of residence: К. Bаdаrаnоvkа hamlet, Nizhnyeudinsk district, Irkutsk oblast, RSFSR
Education: semiliterate
Activities: member of kolkhoz "Krasnaya gorka"
Arrested: August 04, 1941
Convicted: September 26, 1941 - Irkutsk Oblast Court
Indicted: 19 & 58-2, RSFSR CC
Verdict: capital punishment
Executed: December 27, 1941
Place of execution: Irkutsk
Place of burial: unknown
Rehabilitated: 08/16/1996 - decision of Public Prosecutor Office of Irkutsk oblast
Reason: -

Source: Memorial Book of Irkutsk oblast


* Belarusian nationality (i.e. ethnicity) was not recognized both in the Russian Empire and in Poland (II Rzeczpospolita). Nationality of those who lived on the Belarusian territories was usually determined by their religion: an Orthodox was considered to be a Russian, a Catholic - a Pole. While determining one's ethnicity by his/her religious affiliation was a common place for state authorities, the practice was spread among general public as well. Yet, given these circumstances, there is every reason to suggest that the registered nationality of the above persons might differ from their self identity or genuine ethnic origins or both.

** Most likely Western Belarus (Belarusian territories occupied by Poland in 1921-1939, since 1939 - by the Soviets).